Vacation home rental on Terschelling


2 person apartments for € 350 per week


Affordable 2 person apartments on Terschelling

In the middle of the island Terschelling, in the village of Formerum, we rent two apartments, named ‘De Bocht’ and ‘De Draaien’. Apartments are rented from as little as €200 per weekend.

De Bocht en De Draaien are spacious 2 person apartments that are situated next to each other with their own bathroom, open kitchen and their own terrace.

Both apartments are situated to a sheltered garden with own separate terrace with garden furniture and parasol. The distance to the beach is 1500 meter.

About me

The owner of the apartments, Gossen Bos is born and raised in Terschelling, I may say that I am very friendly and hospitable. I like to make conversation with tourists and tell them about Terschelling. Previously, I have always been active as an entrepeneur on Terschelling in a construction company.

Since 2003 I work at Arriva as a bus driver, which means that I am used to spend time with the many tourists that visit Terschelling.